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Removing Liquidity

Prepare to Remove Liquidity#

  1. To remove liquidity, you will need to burn your SSLP tokens, which will effectively withdraw your share of tokens from the pool. If you are farming of staking your LP, you will need to unstake LP tokens so you have them available in your wallet.

  2. After you’ve opened Spicyswap, make sure to toggle on the ‘Liquidity’ option.

alt text

alt text

"Burn" SSLP#

  1. Your SSLP token shares should be displayed on the interface. To burn SSLP tokens, select the amount you wish to burn by inputting a value. The interface will display 1) the SSLP amount, 2) the balance that will remain after the burn, 3) your total locked value denominated in XTZ, and 4) your percent share of the pool. The interface will also display 5) the amount of each asset you will receive upon burning.

alt text

  1. If everything looks correct, click the ‘Burn’ button at the bottom. Once the above is approved and applied, your tokens will be returned to your wallet.

Please know that discrepancies might exist between the amount of [token/token] you put into the pool and the amount you withdraw due to impermanent loss.