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Getting Started on SalsaDAO

The website is the URL hub for accessing various auxiliary dApps of the SalsaDAO ecosystem, such as links to Spicyswap, the famous Taco Shop, Matter DeFi, the governance portal where SalsaDAO governance takes place, farms for the distribution of the Spicyswap utility token, $SPI, and the SalsaDAO gaming hall. Users will also find links to the various SalsaDAO/Genius Contract social media channels.

Syncing Your Wallet#

If your screen looks like this, then welcome to the SalsaDAO homepage!

alt text

  1. Before navigating the SalsaDAO website, be sure to sync your Tezos wallet to by clicking the ‘Connect Wallet’ button at the top right of the page.

alt text alt text

Your wallet will be synced after approving.