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Governance & Voting

sDAO is the SalsaDAO governance token, and all Genius Contracts products are governed by sDAO holders. The governance process starts by taking ideas that consistently come up in informal discord discussions into the salsaDAO governance forum, where the ideas can get discussed in more detail. After relative consensus is reached on the discussion forum, a proposal is drafted and put on the SalsaDAO website voting portal where all active issues up for voting can be viewed.


To participate in governance discussions, be sure to create your account on the SalsaDAO governance forum.

SalsaDAO Governance Token (sDAO)#

To participate in the SalsaDAO voting process, first users will have to get sDAO either by purchasing some on SpicySwap or farming on Matter DeFi.

For more information on swaps, see Spicyswap - Swaps

Proposal-based Governance#

Proposal-based governance is a classic decentralized governance architecture where anyone can create and vote on proposals.

This DAO governs the SalsaDAO Treasury and various administrative functions across the SalsaDAO ecosystem. Proposal Voting is constrained by parameters set via DAO governance. Our core contract is based on the KolibriDAO architecture.

sDAO Locker#

The sDAO Locker is used to commit your sDAO to proposal-based governance. sDAO must be locked in your Locker to vote on SalsaDAO proposals. The sDAO Locker is a module built on top of the core DAO which enables resistance to voting via flash loaned funds.

Use the "Lock sDAO" input field to add more tokens to your Locker. Use the "Release sDAO" input field to reclaim sDAO.

When a proposal is active, you will have the ability to vote directly in the DAO. The DAO will read your Locker Balance to calculate your amount of votes.

Your sDAO will stay in the sDAO Locker contract until released. You may lock and release funds from your Locker at any time with no fees.

sDAO Treasury#

The sDAO Treasury is a DAO-managed fund that collects fees from around the SalsaDAO ecosystem for community-use.

Curve Voting#

SalsaDAO Curve Voting is the second core module that makes up our governance. These are long-running polls rather than distinct proposals.

To access SalsaDAO Curve Voting, navigate to the voting page on SalsaDAO by clicking the ‘Vote’ button on the navigation bar at the top and use the Curve Voting tab. On the voting page, you’ll be able to see your current votes as well as all active SalsaDAO votes.

Under the Active Votes category, you will be able to see a description of what is being voted on, as well as some stats about total amount of sDAO locked in the votes, the total amount of voting power that has been curved by sDAO timelocking, average multiplier, and the minimum amount of time that a vote can be locked up for. Locking one’s vote for a long period of time “curves” one’s vote such that they give their sDAO more voting power.

To vote, click ‘Vote’.

In this particular example, the vote is for SpicySwap whitelisted tokens. Anyone with sDAO can add a token to the whitelist which pushes it to the top of the token swap options on spicyswap. To vote for a token, enter the token contract address and select the amount of sDAO you wish to vote with.

Below there is an option to increase the amount of time you wish to lock your sDAO, which, again, by locking your vote for longer, your sDAO is curved to have more voting power.

SpicySwap Token Whitelist#

To view the leaderboard of current tokens that have been voted on for whitelisting, close out of the voting box and click on ‘View Leaderboard’.

There is again the option to vote at the top of the leaderboard.

To view your active votes, navigate back to the voting homepage and click ‘View My Votes’.