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Welcome to ArtDEX

ArtDEX is an NFT Exchange which uses a pool-based trading system to allow for more persistent NFT liquidity than classic NFT marketplaces.

ArtDEX is inspired by the sudoswap project that currently exists on Ethereum. The sudoswap docs can be a good backup source of information on how to use pool-based NFT exchanges.

ArtDEX Theory#

Before we get into the technical aspects of ArtDEX, it's important to understand the problems ArtDEX fixes and why we built ArtDEX to solve them.

Classic Marketplaces#

Classic NFT marketplaces operate similar to real-life marketplaces, where users create one-off listings and offers on the items they like. This system of offers, listings, and auctions offers a familiar experience to users looking to trade art using smart contracts.

While this architecture is a solid choice, it tends to introduce longer waiting periods for users that may want to purchase NFTs immediately. Due to the slower system of offers and listings, a user may have to wait a while for their desired item to appear on the market. This is the first problem that ArtDEX attempts to solve.

ArtDEX Markets#

ArtDEX incorporates the idea of providing liquidity from the realm of decentralized exchanges (DEXs). Like token exchanges, ArtDEX uses smart contracts that allow users to provide flexible NFT liquidity, rather than manage a large set of listings and offers.

The concept of persistent liquidity in the world of DeFi is extremely important for token trading, with most trades going through a DEX like Uniswap instead of a classic orderbook system. One major aim of ArtDEX is to increase persistent liquidity in the NFT trading space so that users can trade what they want, when they want.

For artists, communities, and project creators, ArtDEX provides a new way to engage with users while earning trading fees. Setting up ArtDEX pools and native ArtDEX NFT drops can provide a new revenue stream for collection owners, while allowing instant user onboarding after the initial sale.

In this guide, we'll get into all the details of trading on ArtDEX, customizing pools to trade NFTs, and how to bring NFTs over to ArtDEX. For now, lets dive in to the interface.

ArtDEX is hosted on use the menu at the top to find ArtDEX. The first page you'll see is ArtDEX Home.

Once you've arrived, let's find some NFTs.