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Matter DeFi Analytics

Watch the Burn#

  1. The total amount of $MTTR emitted to $MTTR burned through buy backs is displayed at the top of the Matter DeFi homepage. (Be sure to follow the Matter Burn Bot on twitter to stay up-to-date with burns in real time!)

Farm Pair Analytics#

  1. Analytics for a specific farm pair can be viewed by clicking the ‘View Pair Info’ button just to the right of the ‘Get LP Tokens’ button. This will navigate to the pair analytics page on Spicyswap.

Farm Balance, APR, and TVL#

All farms stats will be displayed on each farm box respectively, such as: 1) the amount of $MTTR a farm emits per day, 2) current APR on a farm, the total value locked in that farm, denominated in XTZ, 4) a user’s current staked balance, and 5) a user’s current unclaimed rewards.