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Compounding Rewards

MTTR-->MTTR Compound Staking#

Matter DeFi offers a single staking MTTR→MTTR farm, where users have the option to simply stake their $MTTR tokens to receive more $MTTR. Additionally, Matter DeFi offers a function which allows users to send any of the claimable rewards directly to the MTTR→MTTR farm. This function is called ‘compounding’.

  1. To start compounding $MTTR rewards, simply click the ‘Compound’ button to the right of the ‘Claim’ button.

  1. A box will pop up that describes the action and asks you to confirm. To confirm, press the ‘Compound’ button in the pop-up box. This will issue a transaction approval request from your wallet.

Once you approve and the transaction is applied, your $MTTR tokens will show up in your MTTR→MTTR farm balance.