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  1. If you wish to swap tokens, add/remove liquidity, or farm Spicyswap fees (more on this below), you’ll need to first click the ‘Open Spicyswap’ button just below the landing page stats.

alt text

  1. For swapping, after you've opened the app, be sure to toggle on the 'Swap' tab on the function bar.

alt text

Selecting Tokens#

  1. Before conducting a swap, first select the tokens you wish to swap FROM and TO by clicking on the token icons in the swap bar. (The FROM and TO order can be flipped by clicking the ‘Two-way Arrow’ button in between the swap bars.)

alt text alt text

Executing a Swap#

  1. After you have selected your tokens and input the amount you wish to swap, click the ‘Swap’ button at the bottom of the screen to initiate the transaction.

alt text

(If you find that you are having issues completing a swap on a rapidly volatile token, you can manually adjust the slippage to your desired percentage by selecting between the options directly above the ‘Swap’ button, e.g. .1% or .3%.)