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Creator Tips


Creator Tips are currently enabled on NFTs minted via the new ArtDEX Mintery only.

Rewarding Creators on ArtDEX#

As a core principal, Genius Contracts does not support off-chain royalties as they are currently implemented in the NFT space.

There are major flaws to this model, and our stance is that we need to look toward a future where creators can receive guaranteed income and use on-chain royalty contracts rather than relying on one line of client-side JavaScript as a revenue stream.

While that is our stance, we do believe that creators should get a cut of ArtDEX volume. The Creator Tips program is now active, and at least 2% of each trade on ArtDEX will go directly to the NFT creator as a tip.

The 2% tip is the absolute minimum. We will be opening up this amount to SalsaDAO governance, by using a Curve Voting poll to vote on an additional percentage to the tip. This means that SalsaDAO community will be able to vote the Creator Tip up to 10% or even higher.

GC will be showing good faith to artists by committing to a 100,000 $sDAO vote on 3% additional tip, bringing the site-wide royalty to 5% initially.

Creator Tips#

Tips to creators will show up in the cart on the left side, with a crown icon in front.

Tips will be paid in WTZ. Creators can unwrap WTZ on SpicySwap or

Initially, creator tips will be enforced using a mix of on-chain and off-chain mechanisms, with the aim of moving to fully on-chain royalties as soon as the tech is complete.