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Markets & Search

ArtDEX offers a set of discovery features that will help you find the NFT collection you'd like to interact with.


For a quick overview on what collections are trading on ArtDEX, look over Top & Hot collections. We've also highlighted our SalsaDAO Ecosystem NFTs so that users can get SP for VIP Staking.

You can use the shortcut buttons to hop to marketplaces you are already aware of!

Searching NFTs#

If this is your first time on ArtDEX, the first thing you should do is find your favorite NFT collections from around Tezos!


Caution: FXHash is completely unsupported due to FA2 implementation issues. We are looking for a solution. Search# has one of the most complete databases of NFT collections existing on Tezos. We've integrated a direct search for Objkt collections, simply type in a name and you'll start searching via the public API.

Be sure to verify the KT1 contract is correct.

HEN/Versum Search#

These marketplaces operate using a shared minting contract, which we call a multi-asset collection. Each asset in these shared minting contracts can potentially have multiple editions.

ArtDEX fully supports multi-asset contracts and will detect the FA2 asset type for you. Search these marketplaces by name or by ID.

Be sure to verify the token ID is correct.

Direct KT1 Search#

For advanced users: if you already know the KT1 address of the FA2 contract you'd like to open, simply paste it inside the box and we'll load up the collection.

This is useful for experimenting with custom assets, and for testing an upcoming drop with ArtDEX to make sure the metadata loads correctly.

On to trading#

Now that you've found a collection to trade, lets go over how to buy & sell on ArtDEX.