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API Reference


What is a Tag? A Tag is the notation we use for defining a specific token on Tezos. Most token lists are filtered by tag.

Tezos has two popular standards, FA1.2 and FA2. In this context, the important facts are that FA2s contain a "token_id", FA1.2s do not.

Tags take the form of CONTRACT:TOKEN_ID, where TOKEN_ID == 'null' (this is a string!!) if FA1.2

Example FA2 Tag: 'KT19ovJhcsUn4YU8Q5L3BGovKSixfbWcecEA:1'

Example FA1.2 Tag: 'KT1K9gCRgaLRFKTErYt1wVxA3Frb9FjasjTV:null'

This is a summary of the currently available public endpoints for the SpicySwap GraphQL API. Feel free to reach out and request new API endpoints! Also, on request we will grant access to the full /graphql endpoint for deeper querying


query SpicyDailyMetrics {  spicy_day_data(order_by: {day: desc}, limit: 60) {    dailyvolumextz    dailyvolumeusd    totalliquidityxtz    totalvolumextz    totalvolumeusd    totalliquidityusd    totalstakedfarmxtz    totalstakedfarmusd    dailylpapr    dailyspiapr    day    txcount  }}


query PoolDailyMetrics($_ilike: String = "") {  pair_day_data(limit: 60, order_by: {day: desc}, where: {pair_id: {_ilike: $_ilike}}) {    pair_id    reservextz    reserveusd    dailyvolumextz    dailyvolumeusd    totalstakedfarmxtz    totalstakedfarmusd    dailylpapr    dailyspiapr    day  }}


query TokenDailyMetrics($_ilike: String = "") {  token_day_data(limit: 60, order_by: {day: desc}, where: {tag: {_ilike: $_ilike}}) {    day    tag    dailyvolumextz    dailyvolumeusd    totalliquidityxtz    totalliquidityusd    derivedxtz_high    derivedxtz_low    derivedxtz_open    derivedxtz_close    derivedusd_high    derivedusd_low    derivedusd_open    derivedusd_close  }  token_hour_data(limit: 168, order_by: {hour: desc}, where: {tag: {_ilike: $_ilike}}) {    hour    tag    hourlyvolumetoken    hourlyvolumextz    hourlyvolumeusd    derivedxtz    derivedxtz_high    derivedxtz_low    derivedxtz_open    derivedxtz_close    derivedusd    derivedusd_high    derivedusd_low    derivedusd_open    derivedusd_close  }}


query PoolListAll ($hour_agg_start: Int = 0, $day_agg_start: Int = 0) {  pair_info(order_by: {reservextz: desc}) {    pair_id    reserve0    reserve1    reservextz    reserveusd    token0    token0price    token1    token1price    txcount    volumetoken0    volumetoken1    totalstakedfarmxtz    totalstakedfarmusd    contract    pairHourData_aggregate(limit: 24, order_by: {hour_ts: desc}, where: {hour_ts: {_gte: $hour_agg_start}}) {      aggregate {        sum {          hourlyvolumextz        }      }      aggregate {        sum {          hourlyvolumeusd        }      }    }    pairDayData_aggregate(limit: 7, order_by: {day_ts: desc}, where: {day_ts: {_gte: $day_agg_start}}) {      aggregate {        sum {          dailyvolumextz        }      }      aggregate {        sum {          dailyvolumeusd        }      }    }    token_a {      derivedxtz      derivedusd    }    token_b {      derivedxtz      derivedusd    }  }}


query TokenList($_ilike: String = "%%", $day_agg_start: Int = 0) {  tokens(limit: 100, order_by: {totalliquidityxtz: desc}, where: {tag: {_ilike: $_ilike}}) {    name    symbol    decimals    img    tag    derivedxtz    totalliquidityxtz    derivedusd    totalliquidityusd    tokenDayData_aggregate(limit: 7, order_by: {day_ts: desc}, where: {day_ts: {_gte: $day_agg_start}}) {      aggregate {        sum {          dailyvolumextz        }      }      aggregate {        sum {          dailyvolumeusd        }      }    }    tokenDayData(limit: 1, offset: 2, order_by: {day_ts: desc}) {      last_price: derivedxtz      last_price_usd: derivedusd    }  }}


query TransactionList($_ilike: String = "%%") {  actions(order_by: {finish: desc}, where: {user: {_ilike: $_ilike}}) {    token_in    token_in_amount    token_out    token_out_amount    finish    pair_id    contract    user    type  }}